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This cushion cover started out in my mind as a beautiful blanket.

However after making only 4 motives I decided it would lose all its features over a much large span, a full blanket size.

I decided to change it into a cushion cover and give it to my Mother-in-law as a gift.

I have never used this colour scheme before but I am very happy with the overall beauty of how they come together.

Free Pattern  Simple 10-Petal Afghan Square By Joyce D. Lewis  there is no pattern for the back panel It is a standard granny square pattern but there are no chains between sets of 3 DC.


The Back: By turning your work each row it creates a block that appears to have no front or back side to it. It also stops your work from 'twisting' as it gets bigger.



The front: Joined with single crochet with back sides together to create a ridge on the front side. 

(this image has been cropped from its very ugly background and placed on a lace style image)


Corners and border:  1 fpdc in each Dc from prev. round. a simple scallop stitch for the border. corners 7dc, sc into 3rd st, 5dc into 3rd stitch. repeat to end.



Buttons:  A packet of pretty Paris buttons from the craft isle of a discount store,

Used 3 buttons on 3 sides and on the inside of opening on the back panel to be able to remove the insert.